2470- Destiny vs. Stormie Lee


2470- Destiny vs. Stormie Lee

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Stormie was so excited to be back at MLOW. She couldn’t wait to have a match with Destiny. Destiny had to calm down her excitement to explain that she had lost control over MLOW for the moment because of Marie and Sassy. Stormie was confused for a bit . Destiny wasnt happy with the conditions of her contract for the next six months she had to destroy who ever they said and if she didnt she would loose control forever. Destiny cant let that happen and she told Stormie that. Stormie didnt stand a chance Destiny attacked her and beat her down the whole time but Destiny let her know during the match that she was sorry to have to do this to her. She knew she had to destroy stormie because of the contract. Stormie was begging Destiny to plz stop but Destiny couldnt. After the Sleeper Stormie was out cold as Destiny won the match , Destiny felt so bad about it but her hands were tied.


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