2358- Laynie Luck vs. Miss Monica


2358- Laynie Luck vs. Miss Monica

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This was a barefoot match. Maria was all hyped up and bragging how she was the best thing at MLOW and if anybody deserved a belt it was her. Sassy came flying in behind her and put her in a sleeper with a smother hold and told her she had a big mouth and she was going to shut it for her. Sassy was a boss in this match and wanted revenge from earlier on in the match. I havent ever seen Sassy this cocky and strong to take down Maria. Maria was even more shocked when Momma Destiny walked in the ring. This match Sassy truly got revenge and proved a point that you cant always think a youngster is weak , i just wonder how Maria felt when this youngster takes her out and wins the belt but wait thats not all you Destiny had to have some action.


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