2421- Laura vs. Megyn ref Destiny


2421- Laura vs. Megyn ref Destiny

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Megyn was super excited about wrestling the champ, but after this match im not so sure. Megyn learned a valuble lesson on someone being a very talented wrestler. Laura was so motivated to be the champ, but that was short lived. Then after Megyn beats her fair and square she then goes to walk out with Destiny and low and behold Laura challenges her and Megyn wouldnt back down either. Megyn wins the title but is short lived because once the match was over Laura brought up a stipulation. The stipulation was that if your the champ you have to defend the title anytime anywhere. Destiny tells Megyn that Laura is right and about that ime Laura come in kneed her in the stomach , then gave her the flatliner finish and Megyn was out cold and Laura ended up beig champion again.


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