• If you would like to use the more traditional means of setting up a custom match as an individual customer, contact us directly with the initial details of your request so that we may begin the process.

    All matches are and will remain the intellectual property of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling. Redistribution and resell are prohibited. Only professionally-trained wrestlers will be featured. No amateurs are allowed. The ladies will wear proper professional attire. There will be zero tolerance for nudity. Do not request topless appearances or anything along those lines. Photo sets sessions are also available. ( Photo Set sessions are still pictures of wrestlers in holds or using them). A photo session is not a wrestling match.

    Singles Session

    50 images – $125.00
    Tag Session
    50 images – $250.00The Photos will be shipped to you via U.S. Mail, on CD.

    All photos will remain the intellectual property of Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling.Redistribution and Resell are prohibited.
    The more difficult the match, the more the cost may increase.All listed prices are starting prices.Payment will be available through PayPal.All scripts must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled shooting day.We do use male wrestlers for custom mixed matches.Scheduled wrestlers are subject to change. Should a match participant need to be changed, we will make every effort to contact the ordering customer prior to the taping in

    order to make appropriate arrangements.If payment has been made and a match participant is unavailable on the day of a taping, the Magnificent Ladies Wrestling ownership will make the final call on whether or not to cancel the match and refund the payment or substitute a match participant.We are proud to be North America’s leader in ladies wrestling. We are working hard to become your source for custom matches. Please contact us with your requests for any female talent in America, and we will make an effort to schedule her appearance for your custom match.

Starting Prices:

• 2 Person – 5-minute Time Limit: $100
• 2 Person – 10-minute Time Limit: $250
• 2 Person – 15-minute Time Limit: $300
• 2 Person – 20-minute Time Limit: $350

• 3 Person – 10-minute Time Limit: $350
• 3 Person – 15-minute Time Limit: $425
• 3 Person – 20-minute Time Limit: $500

• 4 Person – 10-minute Time Limit Tag Match: $450
• 4 Person – 15-minute Time Limit Tag Match: $550
• 4 Person – 20-minute Time Limit Tag Match: $650

• 6 Person – 10-minute Time Limit Tag Match: $650
• 6 Person – 15-minute Time Limit Tag Match: $800
• 6 Person – 20-minute Time Limit Tag Match: $950

Important Notes:

• All matches run as close to approximate time as possible.
• Once your request has been received and reviewed you will be provided with information on how to provide payment via paypal.

• All customs will ship within 10 days of the actual shoot date.
• The maximum match time limit is 20 minutes.
• Only wrestling matches will be accepted.
• Matches will not be reserved without payment.
• Scripts must be limited to general ideas.
• Match participants may be substituted.

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All Sales are final and non-refundable.



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